andrew cain 

Single Vineyard , Terroir Driven 


Andrew Cain wines were founded by brothers, Jason "Andrew" Hooten and Jonathan "Cain" Hooten in Napa, CA. Their combined experience in the adult beverage industry amounts to more than 50 years. Teamed up with veteran winemaker, Mark Jessup, who's past 40+ years experience includes Opus On, Mondavi, and J. Gregory Cellars bring to you Andrew Cain wines. These "limited" production wines represent an "old world" style. They are not your typical California fruit forward wines with big oak tannins, but rather a dryer and more terroir driven style, refined by incredible balance of acid, fruit, and tannins. Handcrafted from vine to bottle, AC wines are rich in complexity and nuance driven by the unique charactoristics of the fruit and site for the single vineyard.